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Straight from the Horse’s mouth: NPR’s admission of unfairness – says media does NOT have to be fair!

August 6, 2008

Straight from the Horse’s mouth: NPR’s admission of unfairness – says media does NOT have to be fair!

August 5, 2008:First, the infamous “fair” NPR had a person a self proclaimed “expert” in energy.., in order to sweeten-up Obama’s argument and politics, claimed the usual nonsense that “nothing would effect the prices of oil” stating it over and over again, without any iota of evidence or logic of course, the “expert” even mentioned that “people are talking about inflating tires”, What a BS! as if no one knows that it was ONLY Barack Obama that flipped and spoke rubbish, What a cheap attempt to save his embarrassment, to legitimize a silly childish idea just because Obama said it thus became “sacred”, not to mention the shear blatant open lie as if many “ordinary people” are talking about it as a real idea.

I mean seriously, Who’s NPR working for anyhow, and why Do YOU & I have to pay for this BS ON PBS?

Then, [at around 17:15 PM] Daniel Schorr of NPR “analyzed” the criticism on media’s unfairness in journalism that came through the Mccain ad portraying Obama as a celebrity (like Paris Hilton etc.), he did quote sources showing the grossly imbalance in reporting Obama over Mccain, but went on an argument, the gist of it being, as (he thinks) it’s not a big deal, since the “same conservatives” have dominance on talk-radio.

In other words, it IS TRUE that the MEDIA IS BIASED, favoring Obama OVER Mccain but it’s OK.

First, What kind of a childish argument is that? Does two wrongs make a right? Second, perspective! What is the actual balance between the overwhelming LIBERAL power in hijacking the: written (like NYTimes, LATimes, WP, Chicago Tribune, Times, etc.) and visual (TV – all stations asides from FOX) media vs only radio?

Hence the liberals do admit the 99% media is terrible biased anti-conservatism and worse, they even justify it, that daring they are!

How stinky is that?

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