August 3, 2008



Those tactics that might seem to be too ‘daring’, should be done by
proxies, Learn that from Obama, he has others doing it for him, only AFTER the
damage is done, he “apologizes” or “denounces” them…



1) Run a poster: of the “group of friends” He is
associated with, Wright, James Meeks, Ludacris, etc. – ‘tell me who your friends are…’


2) Reveal: He has NOTHING to offer, he has no issue
he is “pro” or “for”, but is running purely on an “anti”, on
an anti-incumbent only platform, an empty balloon.


3) Expose: An arrogant ego-maniac.
[He says: “he
is the one, America has been waiting for…”].


4) Show his insincerity of “denouncements”: Why did
it took him so long to denounce J. Wright?, or Why didn’t he have the guts but
only sent his spokesman to denounce rapper “Ludicrous”?


5) Title: The ‘Ludicrous’ Messiah.


6) Dangerous: Meeting with a Hezbollah terrorist

[That sees America as the ‘great Satan’ and is involved in
bloodshed in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Israel, Argentina,


7) Who’s your hero?: Photo of McCain (in or) coming
back from captivity VS Obama’s reluctance (‘working-out’ & at the music
concert n Berlin) to visit the wounded soldiers.


8] Remind: His Chauvinism during his anti Hillary


9) Display: “Politburo” – [Impeachable] N. Pelosi
the dictator who shuts off Republicans’ voices and lights because they are the only ones
that offer a real energy solution. Pelosi was afraid the American people can see
the emptiness of Democrats [especially] on the energy crisis.

Pose questions like: “Do you think in Obama era will there be freedom of
speech?, Will you have a voice if it only differs from the radical left?”, Is
this ‘totalitarianism’ –  the change Obama is talking about?

A YouTube video in which “all voices [including media’s] and lights are
being shut off” might have a great effect.


10) “Change” or Cult?:
Point out how liberals
that claim to be “progressive” are suddenly so caught up in a fanatic CULTISH
sweep over this guy, the opium of an unknown “Messiah”. Ask: ‘What change does
the ObamaCult plan’???

11) Cartoon: The ‘New Yorker’ ad worked! We need
more of the same and better.
If you wanna really shock…  1:
Start by him licking the feet of [Islamic Hitler] Ahmadinejad that
wears a Nazi symbol
(referring to his willingness to meet with him w/o

2: As an Arab tycoon pumping your gas… (on his softness and
flip-flopping of oil drilling, letting our billions to Arab oil instead).


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